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Headhunting can be a very time consuming activity. Searching for just the right person to join a company can be exhausting, or sometimes really easy.


Timing is key, because the client has been promised a solution to their problem within a set timescale. It’s not hit and miss.


It’s a targeted focussed approach which always results in someone being appointed who not only can do the job, but also fits the team dynamics and the culture of the company.

The Process

Speeding up the search process and covering as much ground as necessary in a short time can be assisted greatly by a referral network. 

Headhunting is about building long-term relationships with candidates and clients and over time this trusted bond allows people to be referred who are deemed to be credible.

There’s simply no point referring someone you know to be lazy or doesn’t have the expertise to do the job required.

If you wish to refer someone, either as part of my search requirements or just because you wish to let me know of someone to speak with, I shall be delighted.

When they join one of my clients, you’ll receive an introduction bonus and this will vary depending upon the level of seniority.

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