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Referring someone is easy ...

When are you rewarded?

One of the most fundamental parts of referral is to introduce someone who isn’t already in contact with me or known to me or has been mentioned by someone else.

The easiest way to find this out, is ask them. “Have you ever been in touch with Simon Wilkins, The Headhunter?” They certainly won’t forget if they have.

What’s in it for me?


When the referred candidate joins one of my clients, you should receive a payment three months after their start date, providing all has gone well and they are employed and enjoying their new role.

Can I refer several people?

Yes, but I don’t want a mailing list. Besides there aren’t enough great people in Housebuilding, so your list would be quite short.

I’m after the people you really rate, people who will make a positive difference in a company. Before they meet my clients, I shall meet them.

What are the Referral Locations?

England and Wales.

Scotland is too far to manage from my South East location.

Does my referral expire?


Once you have referred someone, they are your referral for life.

Can I refer myself?

Not really, but get in touch if you want to change jobs.

Besides, someone might have referred you already.

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